Eric B. Salifu


  • Investment Analyst

Eric B. Salifu is a career Banker with over 19 years experience in the Banking Sector. Mr. Salifu has worked with the Chase Manhattan Bank, Meridien BIAO Bank and the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment over the Nineteen-year period serving in various Credit related capacities. He last served as Assistant Vice President for Credit Administration at the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment in Liberia before joining LEDFC in 2007 when it was being established.

Mr. Salifu is a B.Sc. holder in Economics from the Cuttington University in Liberia, and has also received several professional trainings in Credit Risk Analysis and Loan Portfolio Management through several seminars attended both in and outside of Liberia including Cameroun, South Africa and the Kingdom of Bahrain. He currently serves as an Investment Analysts at LEDFC.